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abbreviation for the band brokencyde

BC13 mother fucker!!!
by er!n May 10, 2008
An abbreviation for the Crunk/Electronica/Screamo Group Brokencyde, the '13' meaning one of several things. Some would suggest that 13 stands for the number of letters in the word "Motherfuckers," some would say that it stands for the band's first 13 followers. The band themselves have stated that 13 means "One White Guy (Antz, whose role is to turn on the band's Fog Machine) and three musicians (Se7en, Mikl Shea, and Phat J, the rapper/screamer, singer, and keyboardist respectively)." The band has also stated that the 13 somehow refers to the band's fans, called "Crunk Kids."
1. "Get loose get laid fuckin bitches' everyday bc13 and you know we're here to stay" (From "Get Crunk")
2. "BC13, Motherfuckers! Let's Go!" (From "SCHITZO!!!")
by Brokencydedycnekorb July 08, 2009
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