A well known make of guitar, one build inparticular, the B.C Rich Warlock, gained fame because it is the guitar that SlipKnot's lead guitarist(Mick Thompson)plays, although his has the word HATE inset into the frets 2-5(1 letter to a fret). Replicas can be bought but only have the word HATE going across the 5th fret.
B.C Rich sponsored Mick but Mick has since left them in favour of another make.
My mate bought a B.C Rich Warlock Mick Thopson replica, it's awesome!
by Ommers-The-Snowman August 30, 2006
Top Definition
A guitar company that went from making quality guitars up until around 2002, when Neal Moser left. Now they make condnsed sawdust in the vague shape of a guitar.
Neal Moser vs. BC Rich is like godzilla vs. bambi.
by ThroatSlit April 12, 2006
A guitar company that specializes in hevay metal guitars. They make guitars like the Mockingbird, the Warlock and the Virgin.
BC Rich is 1337. It IS!
by Stoned Temple Pilot September 25, 2004
A guitar manufacturer who makes guitars marketed towards guys in metal bands. They are well known for their "warlock" guitar. They are very heavy, and look kinda gay.
by 1001 October 08, 2003
Guitars that look badass but play like crap. I've tried at least a dozen out at local guitar stores and they all suck.
I'm going to buy a B.C. Rich that looks like a Flying-V because I can't afford the Gibson model.
by the bg August 21, 2004
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