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bc rich beasts are really cool guitars that have spikes and points and are nice looking. sound could be better, bad chord jack, but other ways it rocks!
woah! why does your bc rich beast have so many dents on the spikes?

it dents easily buy sounds great.
by jamookio omooklin November 06, 2010

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A metal style guitar with amazing metal looks. Has sharp points and double humbuckers for a kick ass heavy sound.
My bc rich beast beats the hell out of your crappy guitar. Metal as hell!
by 666wicker_man December 13, 2005
the guitar that the kids who listen to slipknot, korn, and mudvayne will ask their parents to buy. Its made out of crap woods, low qualitypickups, and if you want it, a sub-standard trem. It would be a good starter guitar, if it wasn't about $400 for a cheap one.
The BC Rich Beast may be one of the worst guitars ever created.
by ThroatSlit September 16, 2006