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Teh c00l3s7, m05t br00t4l g1rl t0 3v3r r04m t3h w0rld. sh3'5 pr3tty much xC0r3.

IRL: BBHO is an acronym for 'big black hairy one', which originated from the movie, Van Helsing, and was completely blown out of proportion when used in teh wrong context of a conversation.

Also one of the members of the LxC CxW (lameXcore crackXwhores).
hater 1: did you see that girl, bbho?
hater 2: yeah man, i'm totally jealous of her br00t4lity.
haters 1&2: i wish one day I'D be that cool!
by lyk3omg April 04, 2008
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