Big Beautiful Cock - a large, attractive penis; 7+ inches in length with a sizable girth
may be used in adult ads for sexual encounters, "BBW seeks BBC for some late night fun." Race is not critical for this acronym. What IS critical is that the penis be large (length and girth), and attractive (proportional, visually stimulating.)
by Jiggly Giggly December 24, 2006
Basketball Cock

A penis with a circumfrence comparable to the the length.
Damn, that guy has one huge BBC. Or

Gotta love the BBCs
by Nghia November 28, 2005
An amazingly huge, mouth watering, finger-lickin good, jaw droppin, B-ig B-lack C-ock.
Los, can I suck your BBC? Why Hello Charles, will you PLEASE drop your draws so I can take a picture of your BBC for the guiness book of world records?
by Trisha Simons April 07, 2006
Big Black Cock
White girls love the BBC.
by kmcUF07 March 25, 2010
Big Black Cock. Usually found on African-American males. Also found inside slutty white girls.
Jamal pounded Jane with his B.B.C all night - her white pussy looked used and stretched.
by grehb August 08, 2007
Black Brothers Committee

They keep the world black
Some lowlife: Hey Santa wanna join da BBC?

Santa: Okie dokie

Some lowlife: Yay! Now da world iz blacker than ever!
by Hobo 4 life March 02, 2007
A group of badasses who run cities and act like mobsters.
The BBC just boned my sister.
by Thepoonwrangler March 08, 2010

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