"Big Boy"
Nickname given by staff to tyrannical bosses and alcholics who are in charge of pubs, applied especially to those whose incompetence has disastrous results for business i.e. bankruptancy
"BB is an asshole,"
"BB threatened to umflump me after I dropped a plate,"
"God that BB is a cunt,"
by Johnsmith04567 July 19, 2006
a person with a plentiful amount of zits inplanted opon thier for head
look at that boy got all them BBs up there on his head
by fred rek June 21, 2006
1. Back down Barry.
2.the name of a really big pussy.
3. A pussy bigger than the largest vagina in the it.
4. A fat poon,queer, backer downer.
Man did u see BB tell on that kid and then back out of that fight and run away, what a puss.
by Secret June 07, 2003
A short version of "brown butthole." the phrase focuses on the pigmentation of the anus, as either a splendid or horrid visual. The phrase is gender and sexuality neutral.
Hey dude, your girlfriend, does she have a BB?
by thor's wild dance June 24, 2009
A game in which at least 2 people (can be several) sit around each other. Speaking in regular conversation, or watching TV or any another activity, but if anybody says a word beginning with the letter B, they must say BB, or they receive a punch to the shoulder by another player, if they do not, they keep receiving punches.
Guy 1: Hey, lets play BB!

Guy 2: Okay.... Anyway, the other day one of the popular kids was staring at me from the other end of the hallway, what's her name again? Beth? Betty? B- (Person 2 gets punched in the shoulder by Person 1 several times)

Guy 2: BB, BB!
by Captain KB June 16, 2009
A trendy little term of endearment that the self proclaimed 'scene kids' seem to end every sentence with. Could be short for 'baby', could be pronounced 'beebee'. Either way, it's annoying as fuck.
xxjohnycCORE;;- omfg bb hawt nu picz!

suicidal;SLUTX!- o thx bbkakez!
by TheJessica September 14, 2007
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