A poor ass nig's bullet.
We so poor we robbed da store wit a bb gun.
by BA January 21, 2003
bubble butt
or big butt
Or big booty
any of these fits
damn that girls got a "BB" on her dont she
by tstarr August 02, 2006
A abbreaviation of the word "Bangladeshi Bumlick"

It is some one who is from Bangladesh and is a bumlick. The Person is literally a bumlick i.e He actually licks ass. This person is always a homesexual and usually Blick.
Husssain (BB) Bum-licked Zaid
by Hussain ALi August 19, 2006
bb is short for bottom bitch, or a butt buddy (someone you are so close with that its almost gay). This can only be achieved by very close friends.
Hey bb, come over.
K bb
by Fatniss Neverlean March 29, 2015

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