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A petroleum derived liquid mixture. Primarily used as fuel for the numerous explosions typically seen in films directed by Michael Bay.

Baysoline is a colorless volatile liquid among a series of movie-made aromatic hydrocarbons. Dangerously unstable and highly toxic, the combustion of baysoline is a extremely exothermic reaction. Perfect for Michael Bay directed movies, small amounts of baysoline produce large volumes of hot gas.
Head Pyrotechnician: Careful unloading those barrels Drew! There's enough Baysoline on that truck to turn this set into a 90 minute display of epic Decepticon pwnage!

Drew: Jesus Christ! Why does Michael need all this fuel?

Head Pyrotechnician: Well when you're movies hardly have any relevant dialog or plausible storyline... Shoot you're gonna have to fill three-quarters of the film with perfectly shot explosion scenes.

Drew: Are we that Baysoline-dependent?

Head Pyrotechnician: I guess when Shia LeBeouf and Ben Affleck are you're lead actors... Then yes.

Michael Bay: QUIET ON SET! Camera?... Sound?

Clapperboard Operator: Jailbait Boobsplosion: Revenge of The Augmented, scene 24, take 3!

Michael Bay: aaaaaaaand ACTION!
by Define Me! July 26, 2009
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