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A person or thing that is extraordinarily tough or strong. Named after legendary Notre Dame and NFL football player Mark Bavaro.
I had a bavaro workout at the gym this morning and I'm still sore.

Our military constantly operates in bavaro conditions in Iraq.

That chick is so damn hot! Bavaro!!!

Lea complained to the waiter that her ribeye was bavaro. He apologized and offered to bring her another steak.

The elderly lady surprised the mugger when she went bavaro on him.

Manhattan construction engineers always specify that the materials be bavaro.

Chuck Norris as "Walker, Texas Ranger" was known for going bavaro on the bad guys.
by Buzz Writeyear February 06, 2008
A beaner who pretends to be italian
another word for poser.
Look at that bavaro
by damienrass September 16, 2008