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1. Can replace any word int the english language
2. also can be yelled at any and all pedestrians
I just baughhhed a NIGGER
*at random person* BAUGHHH!!!!
Dont make me baughh you!
Lets go get baughhhed
by keith helgeson May 06, 2008
BAUGHHH: a word that sounds like a cross between a duck and a goat. Can replace ant word in the english language. Also can just be yelled for no reason at all
Dude, I just baughhhed your mom!
I have to take a baughhh.
Got baughhh?
Lets go get all baughhhed out!
by keith helgeson May 06, 2008
the only word in the english language that can be used to replace any word.
I baughhhed your mom last night!
Your a bitch ass baughhh!
i like to smoke alot of baughhh
Lets go get baughhed out of our liverwursts.
by zachary p. d. May 06, 2008