being or the act of being a pussy
"Man I tried to ask that girl out but I Bauer'd out"
"I would go to that party but I'm a Bauer"
by syborg March 08, 2005
v. To seriously wreck someone's flow, especially in the style of Jack Bauer.
Darryl was having a nice day, but I had to bauer his ass when he stepped to my girl.
by Mickey February 23, 2005
adjective: to engage in 24 hours of strenuous activity including stopping numerous bombs and potential fatal viruses. is better than what chuck norris, Mr T and McGuyver combined could come up with in a single day.
"oh jeez mate i had a Bauer of a day! I just found out that my son is a terrorist, disowned him, fell in love with three women (all of whom i interogated for being the mother), beat one of them to death, then got fired from CTU, then reinstated again for saving my 7th president, then found out the president was shagging my ex wife--the mother of my terrorist son-- so i decided to take heroin as a way of dealing with the problem but told everone it was to work undercover, i then got off the smack in the next hour and told my son he was alright after all and got him a job working at CTU and that was my day...can i use the toilet?"
by David Deery August 22, 2006
1. the state of being raw, similar to that of jack bauer.

2. the act of brutally and skillfully killing terrorists with both hands cuffed to a a desk.
Dude, that was so bauer!

Did you see me kill those sand niggers bauer style?
by RJ Lee May 05, 2006
to totally jack something...synonyms; wretch, jack, kype
He totally just bauered you spot cause you didn't call seat back
by psycogrl421 June 02, 2005
A profusely annoying teacher with a large, hairy mole and an knack for giving too much work.

Caution, you may have a Bauer two hours in a row every day for 180 days.
Bauer gave me detention today becasue I refused to turn in my notebook.
by BoycottBauer July 10, 2004
the best dog in the whole world
everyone agrees bauer is the best
by chris May 10, 2003

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