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A derogatory name for someone in high power. typically used to warn others of their presence so that all instances of hazing, and/or malicious and illegal activity may be hidden.
I had to yell batweasel last night when the commandant came on deck.
by Francis Mccalister September 13, 2008

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A derogatory name for a snivelling, pathetic male. A sleazy creep who thinks he is a massive stud and can have any woman he wants when actually they are all wishing he would just f**k off. He needs to man up and get on with his life.

For a more detailed description please see Jude Law in the movie 'Closer'.
"He is such an unbelievable Batweasel, he needs to grow some balls and behave more like Clive Owen'
by MarciaGG August 23, 2009