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Fag, also (chi chi man) homosexual
Richard holiness is a BATTY MAN
by Diamond November 10, 2004
Function: adjective
Jamaican term used to describe one who is homosexually inclined.from grrek root "batty"

BattyMEN- Plural- Adverb
Battymanisim- Noun
1. Look mom, There goes a Battyman!
2. In Jamaica they hat Battymen.
3. Battymen Like to suck each others reproductive organs.
by Andrew August 14, 2004
man who likes battylove
oi blud u is a battyman
no bruv u is the battyman
oh oh oh bwoy is it beef now?
by rathsangatas drink November 01, 2004
A male cock-handler
by Patrick Bateman March 25, 2003
a derogitory term for a male who is homosexual..also known as chi chi man
woman:my mans a batty man!
man:yer man hes definetly gay
by comotion89 May 15, 2006
a male who prefers batty, as in ass.
That battyman just shoved his cock in my ass.
by assmaster June 10, 2003
A homosexual in denial
Hassan: Yo Megan Fox is fit!
Sho: I swear you were a Batty Man!
by Lil Eng December 15, 2010