Function: adjective
Jamaican term used to describe one who is homosexually inclined.from grrek root "batty"

BattyMEN- Plural- Adverb
Battymanisim- Noun
1. Look mom, There goes a Battyman!
2. In Jamaica they hat Battymen.
3. Battymen Like to suck each others reproductive organs.
by Andrew August 14, 2004
man who likes battylove
oi blud u is a battyman
no bruv u is the battyman
oh oh oh bwoy is it beef now?
by rathsangatas drink November 01, 2004
a derogitory term for a male who is homosexual..also known as chi chi man
woman:my mans a batty man!
man:yer man hes definetly gay
by comotion89 May 15, 2006
a male who prefers batty, as in ass.
That battyman just shoved his cock in my ass.
by assmaster June 10, 2003
Flamboyent black Male
Chi Chi Maun
Eddie front cover Reid....
Enjoys licking bananas that have condoms on them.
Thinks he is a warrior
by Stephanie December 06, 2004
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