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A twelve year old batty boy named ben atton
ben atton likes to point the social finger
by dictionaryuser12 May 02, 2005
To stand behind someone, without them knowing, and grind on them, without touching them.
Let's go batto behind that kid!
by Dana Christine September 04, 2008
A word similar to batty boy, and batty, batto is a term which describes a male who is either overtly homosexual, and participates in sodomy, or behaves in a manner that lends himself to suspicion of this. Often used as an insult.
The way john walks makes me think he's a bit of a batto
by kram. May 02, 2005
The kid in school who pretends to be really cool and tries to hang out with all the cool kids even though no one likes him. This person will tend to change their personality just to fit in but in a way that it is really obvious. This is the type of person who will burn your house down when you say something about their personality. You DO NOT want to be friends with this person.
"Look at Devin trying to fit in with the jocks. He is such a batto."

"Wow. Carl really pulled a batto in high school."
by chickennugget42 August 25, 2016
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