A two handed punch to the face. grasp you right fist with your' left hand (as if holding an imaginary handle). Deliver blow from up behind your' shoulder into the face of other person.
If cornered by some one, or if someone runs at you, a Battle Axe to the face for neck will annihilate them. particularly useful against dickheads
by Wall of Death October 27, 2010
Top Definition
A fierce, unpleasant older woman with strong opinions.
Ms. Henry is a real battle axe!
Just ignore that old bird, she's a battle axe.
by MustangGT September 25, 2005
An elderly woman who is really grumpy
by Anonymous August 03, 2003
A woman, who is nasty, overbearing, mean, pompous, arrogant, a selfish busybody, aggressive, disagreeable, or any combination of these. A battleaxe is usually an older woman, and often somewhat unattractive. The standard dictionary definition does not address looks, but one seldom hears a beautiful woman being called a battleaxe, no matter how disagreeable she is.
I hate taking books back late to the library because that old battleaxe at the desk makes such a big deal of it.
by techy2 September 11, 2009
A prominent dance move among electric dance music enthusiasts involving a powerful chopping movement using both hands in a full-body gyration upon the drop of a house music song.
Joey just battle-axed so righteous when that Avicii beat dropped!
by MDeads June 06, 2011
describing a mom that doesnt let their daughter go out in public or private places alone or otherwise unless accompanied by her mom and is a control freak
Well Scott why didn't your girlfriend come down? The old Battleaxe wouldn't let her.
by Sticklee December 25, 2007
adj. so severely, brain-shatteringly awesome that it hits you like a battle axe blow to the FACE
Y'ever seen Con Air? That movie is battleaxe!
by EmperorKO February 17, 2003
Across the lands known to be a brutal legend is a musician who rocks so hard the music from his guitar transforms that very instrument to a weapon of mentality used to convey his band's metal fury lyrics.
Jack Black whips shitties all over his battle axe in the band Tenacious D.
by djsee4 February 20, 2010

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