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Originally an Australian term for a hot dog sausage (saveloy) battered and deep fried, commentary of the 2000 Olympics Men's Gymnastics by Australian comedic duo Roy & HG on "The Dream" redefined it as a move where a (male) gymnast leaps into the air, lands in a push-up position and touches his groin to the floor - thereby 'battering' his 'sav'.
See also: flat bag, hello boys, dutch wink, crazy date, party date, spinning date
.. and the russian gymnast lands the double corkscrew, now he batters the sav... yes, that was a nice battered sav, straight into the crazy date
by MartinBartinFargo May 12, 2007
A man who is having sexual intercourse with a woman/man on the beach. He then pulls out his penis, dips it in the sand, and then goes back to the sexual intercourse.
Gary gave Jill a battered sav.
by Benbow August 30, 2007
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