adj. (slang): A combined state of mental agitation and physical volatility. It's use may provide warning that the individual it describes has lost all self-control and cannot be reasoned with. Can refer to either a chronic or temporary condition.
I wouldn't go in there if I were you, Dolores is bat-shit crazy .

by maximo hudson January 19, 2009
Some one who is so off the wall insane that they just do the dumbest, most immature, revolting things.
My Ex-Girfrend e-mailed my new girl trying to scare her off
She is bat shit crazy!
by Ouch! Don't do that March 21, 2010
someone who has absolutely nothing to lose. batshit crazy people are different from regular crazy people because of their attitude and activities. a regular crazy person would shoot at a plane with a pistol. a batshit crazy person will jump off of one plane with a knife in their hands, onto another, break the glass and kill the pilot ... and land safely. in order to be truly batshit crazy the person must do the most outrageous things every and still return safely.
crazy: throw a brick through your window

batshit crazy: throw a brick through your window, call the cops, wait for them to arrive, tell them what they did, and still get away.
by maximushyrule June 16, 2008
The highest level of crazy, which causes people to outrageous things that automatically attract media attention.
Why is Britney wearing her wedding dress in public?
She's bat-shit crazy.
by AJV22044 January 17, 2008
charlie sheen
Charlie sheen went bat shit crazy on ABC's 20/20.
by ladyyyyyyyy March 02, 2011
Originated by observing the way bats defecate. Bats hang upside-down and poo upside-down. If people were to hang upside-down and poo it would go all over their face therefore only a crazy person would shit like a bat making them batshit crazy.
Bill wants to buy an Oz of green for 20 bucks, yea that bill he's batshit crazy
by bs425 December 25, 2014
Word meaning "certifiably insane" Origin comes from the fact that bat feces contain an organism called Histoplasm Capsulatum that infects the brain of any host in which it infects and causes them to act psychotic.
The guy found out the paternity test results and went batshit crazy!!!
by medic1 August 12, 2014

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