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visible clumps of nose goblins, often found clinging to nasal hair.
"you need to blow your nose, you got some serious bats in the cave!!"
by pow3rzz January 21, 2007
A description a woman may use for being celibate or not having had sex in some time.
It's been so long since I had sex that I got bats in the cave.
by Dmented29 July 29, 2008
A condition that occurs when a women has not had sex in a long time. Therefore she has Bats in her cave.
Guy 1: "That girl has a really nice ass. I mean, Dam!"
Guy 2: "tru d that, but that girl has 'Bats in the cave'. She will be a quickie."
by isthereanything2 May 24, 2009
When I was growing up: "Bats in the Cave" is when you spread a guy's shitter so you can buttfuck him but he's got a load of black dingleberries hangin' from his asshairs.
I was about to do damage to Pete's anus, but damn that dude had about a hundred hangers jangling in the wind: Bats in the Cave, dude. STANK.
Bits of cocaine stuck to one's nose hairs.
Dude, I gotta check the mirror for bats in the cave before we go to the club.
by The Colonel July 18, 2003
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