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The matrix-like way someone assembles pieces of bacon for meal reasons. A weave might be in order, for example, instead of just laying the strips flat. The batrix assures even distribution of bacon strips on your English muffin breakfast sandwich, B.L.T., etc.
Genvieve: Can you make me a B.L.T.?

Judy: Sure thing!

Genvieve: I'll watch.

-A moment or two later-

Genvieve: WHOA. You totally blew my mind with your batrix assembly.
by PineappleGummeh July 02, 2011
A word to describe someone who is gay.
"Shit man....that bloke is going on like a batrix!"

"Yep, he's a batrix for sure."

"Nah Im not going down there, its full of batrix!"
by Jay Quee March 30, 2008
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