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Blatant Ass To Mouth

A highly skilled manoeuvre performed in a pornagraphic film. The penis is taken from a freshly plundered marmite well, and presented forth to the mouth of the aforementioned owner of the plundered anus.
"I bet she loves a bit of BATM"

"Yeah, i reckon she's suck the schlong straight after it's fucked her bunghole"

"yeah, dirty bitch your mum eh?!"
by Jaylovex April 07, 2004
Bad Ass T-Mac Story. Usually involves getting blackout drunk and doing something really stupid. The infamous Chicago story is the ultimate BATMS.

T-Mac: Dude, I got so fucking wasted last night that I punched a child in the face and jumped out the window of a 6 story building. It was awesome.
by chillbrotle November 07, 2010
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