When one takes a serious monetary loss in a transaction, or looses a great deal of money.
Dude! You must have taken a bath on the sale of your car. Those Kias have no resale value.

#loss #under-cut #deficiency #beating #discounted #shorted.
by Rick Simpson May 18, 2008
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1. a large shell, can be filled with water for washing.
2. Town near Bristol, UK where the Romans built lots of the above, roman name "aqua sulis"
1. jesus you stink! take a bath!
2. we crucified jesus, now let us build a bath!
by vicky pollard December 22, 2004
A wonderful place in the UK, near Bristol. Was founded by the Romans, and is home to the famous Roman Baths, hence the reasoning for the name.
I'm going shopping in Bath this weekend, anyone coming?
#bath #city #near #bristol #romans
by soapy17 December 02, 2010
the place full of water that you sit in and may excrete.
Robert: Im going for a bath

Dave: dont forget your zebra

Robert: hey my nip nips are erect

Dave: Wow!
#nip #nips #nipples #fudge #monkey penis
by Mr. Wibble April 26, 2008
a word meaning-"Balls, Ass, Tits and Head

the checklist a guy must go through every morning.
dude did you check you bath?
yeah, you?

#bath #b.a.t.h. #check #yes #checklist
by general zim April 16, 2010
Swimming pool
"Are you going t'baths"
by Julia January 22, 2004
The county seat of Steuben County in Southern Tier Ny.
"Bath is 20 miles North of Corning, Ny,"
by TimeStand July 26, 2004
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