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French word for a type of bread (shorter and wider than a baguette)
batard, baguette ou flute?
by Wist April 18, 2005
106 42
Fusion of Bastard and retard clearly meaning Retarded Bastard
Jeese why is Elo being such a batard to me
by Ben Scott February 02, 2004
105 72
A bat without a father.
That bat lives alone with his slutty mom. He is a batard.
by BrianBrian November 16, 2006
22 13
the quite finished word of bastard
you batard!i mean bastard!
by emma and mike May 02, 2004
19 69
As the french call it, it means "Bastard", and as the english call it, it means Uber-n00b-who-likes-his-moma
You are a gay Batard u uber n00bish hoe!
by L33t Batard July 04, 2003
27 78
The definiton came from Mike when he meant to say 'bastard' and from then we thought it was hilarious. Definition means the opposite of bastard.
Say like, you could use it if your mad at someone, or just to be funny. Like Mike and I, we used it for everything. We'd be like.. ahah batard.. lmao
by emma and mike April 26, 2004
11 80