Slang for rectum.
Joe parked it in Wilma's batcave last night.
by Gieb Daddy March 11, 2003
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A bat cave is a really disgusting vagina. a Vagina thats a bat cave could be considered really hairy,old,dry,wide,or a whores vagina.
dude i was going to get with this one chick, but she had a total bat cave.
by DaTheRussianBear November 16, 2006
A goth girl's vagina.
'Seriously bro, all I gotta do is throw on a couple Cure records and I'll be exploring Mysteria's Bat Cave in no time.'
by Solid Eye December 20, 2007
First coined by Lord Seth, in a classic BMXBOARD thread. Discribing a photo of a huge, wide, saggy, cave like vagina send to drewl4130 by a trampy myspace slut.
"quick Robin! to the batcave!"

"how'd you get the batcave lookin so nice? hedgetrimmers? bushhog? garden claw?"
by RyanMLogan August 24, 2006
A cavernous, dank, and generally unpleasant vagina.
"Man that girl is nasty"-guy 1
"Yeah you'd get lost in that Bat Cave"-milkman
by the cotck August 20, 2009
A small dark seldomn used room, known for commonly being used for having a bat.
Jack1: Where's Joe Blogs?
Jack2: He's in the "bat-cave". He might be a while, he had some wank-fodderand starters in hand.
by Mickydee26 August 19, 2008
A code word for masterbating, used mainly to lie to your girlfriend or wife ect.
Dylan: why didn't you text me back?
Austin: i was in the batcave
by DylanChristopher. November 22, 2009
When your at a party and you grab two beers and hide one in a secret hiding spot each time thus building a bat cave.
"Damn there's no more beer and I pitched in!"

"Gotham needs us"

by JEWFIST January 20, 2012

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