A code word for masterbating, used mainly to lie to your girlfriend or wife ect.
Dylan: why didn't you text me back?
Austin: i was in the batcave
by DylanChristopher. November 22, 2009
When you're fucking a girl Doggy style and you flash light to distract her and the you say "TO THE BATCAVE." and slam it in her ass.
I am going to Bat cave my girl Tonight.
by MeatKid December 28, 2014
The location in which a group of typically three or more people batman-it and get absolutely OYF for extended periods of time. Usually a hotel room, or garage, the batcave is complete with a billy, munchies, cigarettes, a television and couches with multiple burn holes in them. The original batcave has a Swastika marked on the brick wall.
"Wheres the reshn?"
"Oh fuck, I left it in the batcave"
"Latif's batcave or Saba's batcave?"

by LaFemme19 June 14, 2009
Getting alcohol and heading back to someone's place to drink with friends
Sam: Yo dude, I got Carla, Kelly, Natalie, & Amber & her 2 friends coming to the party
Jonathan: I got the drinks with David, Josh, Christopher & his brother
Jonathan: To The Bat Cave!
by Fred-D December 02, 2009
Noun: A fortress of solitude construct by hanging ones blanket from the frame of a bunk bed structure so as to block out all sleep disturbing rays of light.

Verb: "To Bat Cave It", or "Bat Cave it up" is the act of constructing ones cave, and then wreaping the glorious benefits of now, being the owner and inhabitant of said Bat Cave.
at around 1400 on wednesday, after a long week of studying and waking up in time to make it to breakfast formation at 0700, cadet T decides to say the hell with the world, drinks a bottle of nyquil and begins making his Bat Cave. just as Cadet T finishes and begins to feel the effects of the nyquil, Cadet F walks in to the large.

Cadet F; sup g? whats that?
Cadet T; Bat Cave nigga.
Cadet F; rough week?
Cadet T; YUTT! i just drank some nyquill.
Cadet F; word, might do the same
(enters Cadet B)
Cadet B; sweet Bat Cave.
(Cadet T passes out on floor)
Cadet B; dibs *crawls into Bat Cave*
by Ron Burgundy and Tits McGee October 19, 2010
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