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see goth
Sally is a bat caver - she digs Bahaus and I dig her Robert Smith harido yeah.
by Andre Molnar April 28, 2004
8 4
Batcaver seems to be an old localized term for goth. It was used in the Pacific Northwest in the 80s but on the East coast, few people have heard the term. The singular batcave was also used.
I went to a Bauhaus concert last week and it was full of batcavers.
by Crystal King October 19, 2005
43 10
An old skool goth who associates with the punk/post-punk offshoot goth culture of the 1980s for example Siouxsie & The Banshees, Bauhaus, The Cure.

Probably doesn't care for Marilyn Manson and death metal.
"You didn't tell me Jake was a goth?!"

"Don't call him that to his face, hes a batcaver"

"Oh, nice. Bauhaus are awesome."
by Billy Messerschmitt September 12, 2008
20 0
an 80's slang term used to describe a person that listens to the cure and wears all black, sits at home, is sad...etc
dude, that guy at the cure concert was such a bat caver.
by Dan Carre November 26, 2003
17 9
A fan of death rock. Not a goth, it's more like the step between punk and goth. The term comes from the name of a club, the Batcave.
Person #1: Look, it's a goth!
Person #2: No, it's a monochromatic punk!
Person #3: It's a batcaver, dumbasses.
by smeee August 17, 2007
15 9
Someone who likes wearing all black and listening to goth music. Another term for a goth.
That batcaver's idol is Robert Smith.
by Jack Batemaster January 07, 2004
22 24