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a variant of the game of basketball where players constantly engage in physical fouls, violations, and utter disregard for the rules in an attempt to dominate possession of the ball
Tosan: Gee moite todays basketball game was tough, one bastard came and pushed me over when i didnt even have the ball
Julio: Some dickhead even poked my eye as i was going for a layout!
Araujana (nods in agreement): I know, it was a real game of "bastardball"
by El Shitha August 15, 2008
25 6

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A term used to identify blood shot eyes one gets usually gets when smoking marijuana.
"Are you sure you haven't been smoking pot? Because you sure got some bastard balls."
by Christine December 08, 2004
14 7
a complete bastard whom fathers many bastard children with his over-active man-goo contained within his ball sack "bastard balls"
"hey bastard balls fuck right off"
by mattgc November 20, 2006
12 8