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A lebanese youth who probably has had sexual intercourse with your: Mother,aunt,grandmother,g irlfriend,best friend who happens to be a girl,the girl next door,your favourite porno star, sister, 1st 2nd 3rd 4th ect female cousin(s). Will pwn you in goalie.
Bitch1#: Okayyy
Bitch2#: HEY fuck off i wanna tie his shoes
Bitch3#: If I can't have him no one can KABOOM!
Andrea: SHIT SHIT I'd better pick up his remains to put in my shrine
by Yoyboy November 11, 2007
A hott, tall Ethnic Man with a heart of Gold and a toungue ring.
Also can be used as a verb, such as seeing a tall hott man and swooning over him
Girl: "I saw that hott tall man And I Bassamed!"
by jennycrackedcorn February 10, 2010
dude who acts gangsta... friendly... Has strange relations with his friends mostly homosexual in nature. Loves pussy! Most likely fucked your girl, and every girl u know ... he is also a hairy beast... he is also never serious and doesnt get mad very easily and ...... SMOKES WEED ERR DAY .. i mean hardcore .,.. like i never seen him not high before in fact he is right beside me right now smoking a joint lol :P
Stranger: Ayo Bassam .. whatchu fink bout the rap game right bout naw ?
Different stranger interrupts: WHAT IS AN AREOLA ?

Bassam: It's the area around ya nipple
*inaudible verse*
Boy Makzilla made this official
Boy don't trip, Don't pull your pistol
Know what I'm sayin, Say huh
*/inaudible verse*
by MaryJane519 January 26, 2011