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A hott, tall Ethnic Man with a heart of Gold and a toungue ring.
Also can be used as a verb, such as seeing a tall hott man and swooning over him
Girl: "I saw that hott tall man And I Bassamed!"
by jennycrackedcorn February 10, 2010
A lebanese youth who probably has had sexual intercourse with your: Mother,aunt,grandmother,g irlfriend,best friend who happens to be a girl,the girl next door,your favourite porno star, sister, 1st 2nd 3rd 4th ect female cousin(s). Will pwn you in goalie.
Bitch1#: Okayyy
Bitch2#: HEY fuck off i wanna tie his shoes
Bitch3#: If I can't have him no one can KABOOM!
Andrea: SHIT SHIT I'd better pick up his remains to put in my shrine
by Yoyboy November 11, 2007
dude who acts gangsta... friendly... Has strange relations with his friends mostly homosexual in nature. Loves pussy! Most likely fucked your girl, and every girl u know ... he is also a hairy beast... he is also never serious and doesnt get mad very easily and ...... SMOKES WEED ERR DAY .. i mean hardcore .,.. like i never seen him not high before in fact he is right beside me right now smoking a joint lol :P
Stranger: Ayo Bassam .. whatchu fink bout the rap game right bout naw ?
Different stranger interrupts: WHAT IS AN AREOLA ?

Bassam: It's the area around ya nipple
*inaudible verse*
Boy Makzilla made this official
Boy don't trip, Don't pull your pistol
Know what I'm sayin, Say huh
*/inaudible verse*
by MaryJane519 January 26, 2011
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