An instrument, usually with 4 or 5 strings, modeled after the classical double bass (upright bass), which plays in lower regesters than the average guitar.
Some say the bass is easy to learn, which is debateable, but there is no question that the bass (or any instrument for that matter) is VERY difficult to master.

The idea to put a bass in the guitar shape and size came about in the 1930s' when inventor Paul Tutmarc designed the first electric, guitar styled bass, designed to be played horizontally. It was called the Model #736, and was produced by audivox.

Later on, in the 50s' Leo Fender developed the first mass produce bass guitar.His fender precesion bass or "pbass" soon became the standard in industry and was widely copied. It was designed from a single slap of wood, much like a telecaster, and featured a simple four pole pick up system.

In the 1960s' fender came out with the jazz bass. It featured 2 single coil pick ups, one closer to the bridge, the other in the percision bass position. Also, it feature a narrower neck that that of the precision bass. Furthermore, the 'jbass" had volume controlls for each pick up, which made more sounds possible

Since then the bass guitar has evolved with the time to suit the needs of the player and the style of music the bassists performs. Some notable high quality bass guitar manufactures are pedulla, warwick, mtd, alembic, ken smith, modulus, ernie ball, and of course fender. Line 6 has even come out with a modeling bass, which is made to imitate the different sounds of different basses with the turn of a nob. Furthermore, basses are now being made with more than 14 strings, so a bass player will never run out of neck room.

It is improtant to note that as an instrument, the bass is very young. Though there are many styles of bass playing, the sky is still the limit. Great players like victor wooten, flea, les claypool, stanley clarke, stu hamm, and marcus miller are pioneering new styles and techniques every day. And lets not forget the late great Jaco Pastorious, the man who made the bass what it is today. if you want to hear how bass should be played, check out jaco.
Every band NEEDS a bass guitar
by carl052 March 02, 2007
Top Definition
The Sexiest Instrument In the World.
mmmm i love my sexy fender jazz
by rory May 14, 2005
a four stringed guitar (E,A,D,G), much cooler than regular guitar
i play bass, im kooler than you
by i have no friends October 29, 2003
bass guitar
Since most people here seem to be ignorant of what a bass is:

1) It was NOT "based off the guitar", it's an electric adaptation of the double bass which became awkward and increasingly less audible compared to other instruments in the earliest rock/jazz bands.

2) While easier to learn than guitar, it is far far more difficult to master. Anyone can sound cool playing the pentatonic scale and power chords over and over; it takes a great more deal of musical skill and talent to be excellent at bass.

3) On a related note "Anyone who plays guitar can play bass by default" is ridiculous. If you have no sense of rhythm and can't keep a beat, then you can't play bass. Hell, most guitarists I've met can't even play the bass without making the frets buzz their first few times.

4) Bass is a rhythm instrument, with a deeper more mellow sound. Guitar is melodic (or at least mostly used for such). To say bass is inferior to guitar is also stupid.

1) The advent of the electric bass guitar revolutioned new age music

2) A guitarist can sound "amazing" in just a couple years. I'd like to see anyone learn Victor Wooten's Classical Thump in just a couple of years.

3) "Whoa dude whats wrong with your frets? Why are they buzzing??" - Guitarist who thinks he can play bass

4) Have you ever heard a band with two guitarists and no bassist? It sounds like a transistor radio
by Solifuga September 20, 2006
foundation of modern rock bands; person playing it is highly overlooked as a musician although most bassists are much cooler//more talented than guitar players

goes great with drums
guitar player: I'm a weak ass mofo compared to the bassist in our band
by ZEPOWNSYOU March 26, 2005
(BASE - gitt - TARR) A musical instrument that's a hybrid of the upright bass (also known as the double bass or bass violin) and the electric guitar, conveniently combining the low tonal range of the upright bass with the portability and playability of the guitar. Popularized by models created by Leo Fender in the 1950s, although he wasn't the first to manufacture a bass & guitar combination.

Like the original upright bass, bass guitars most commonly have 4 thick strings tuned EADG. But extended-range models with five (BEADG) or six strings (BEADGC) are available too, as are 8 and 12 string models (based off the idea of 12 string guitars).
Paul McCartney and Sting both play the bass guitar.
by Bill M. July 27, 2004
a four stringed instrument. tuned a octave lower than your normal guitar.
many people overlook the bass as being simple but if anyone has any proper knowledge of the bass then they know that it is harder than it looks to play.
people may say if u can play guitar u can play bass but its not always like that. due to the basses heaviness and longer neck it can take a while to get used to!
guitars may be light but bass guitars can put up a fight!
by mini eero September 06, 2005
An instrument scientifically proven to be sexy because its low-end frequency range of 30-100 Hz corresponds with the frequencies at which vaginas vibrate when sexually aroused!
Jenny felt a slight tingling but increasingly stronger sensation with her vagina, that seemed to correspond as the bass guitar solo progressed.
by E-209 December 01, 2010
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