BASS basically means taking a Big Ass Super Shit
Jerry will often to go the toilet to take a BASS.
by ompa loompa November 01, 2010
The reason you bought a subwoofer and listen to rap.
Yo the lyrics are shit but the bass is tight yall
by bloodTYPE R July 09, 2010
To Bass
When a group of boys/men gang up on an unsuspecting target, totally outnumbering him/her atleast 20/1. Most commonly against someone who will not put up much of a fight. The target is then consequently beaten to shit, left with a fractured nose.

Most commonly associated with the group known as the Justice League.

Originated from KHS
Dave - "Holy shit dude, that guy totally stole your sandwich"
Bill - "Let's get the Justice League together and Bass him"
by WillyWonkle May 14, 2011
official contraction for badass
dude that movie was so ba'ss
by Ba'ss February 13, 2011
the heart of techno musik,, the sound that goes boom_boom_boom,, the one component musik is worthless without cuz its sik shitt
" funk u DJ,, turn up the BASS "
" this bass is sik "
" this bass is the shite "
" Hosana does not like this song because it does not contain enough boom-boom bass "
by Techno_chiC March 21, 2008
the dad guitar
Jemaine: It's called a bass guitar

Murray: Well I call it the dad guitar.. cuz it's more like a "dadadada..I'm your dad..hey Murray!get into the shed and get the the lawn..dedeeeee"
by asdasdafasfaweagadcasdadsasdas April 19, 2011
Badass Shit storm
When your dad says your in a world of shit, but like ten times worse is BASS
by The TRUTH will be known!!! February 12, 2010

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