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Derived from the French word for chalice, "calisse" is a common swear in French Canadian vocabulary. Contrary to the popular belief that only Quebecors use it, it is widely used and understood by French Canadians from coast to coast, but mostly in Quebec, Northern and Eastern Ontario, and New Brunswick. It can be used as a noun, a verb and has other uses as well. The level of vulgarity of this blaspemic swear differs from region to region.

-"Le calisse était soul." The fukker was drunk.
-"Et il m'a calissé une belle vollée" And he gave me a swift punch in the face.
-"Pi ca a faite mal en calisse!!" And it hurt like fukk!!
-"Calisse!" FUKK!
-"Attend que je l'pogne le p'tit calisse" Just wait until I get my hands on the fukker.
by J-Y October 11, 2007
1.the receptacle in which the host is stored in church.
2.a French Canadian swear word, understood among French speakers in Northern Ontario, Quebec and Acadia, however mostly used in Quebec. Can usually be used a synonym to tabarnac.
-"En saint ciboire!" -"Fukking right" (in the same sense as "definately")
-"Fermez-vous mes saints ciboires!" -A French Canadian father might say to his kids "Be quiet you little bastards!"
-"Ciboire!" -In this case used as the word "Fukk!"
-"I'a un ciboire de shot lui!" -"He's got a crazy fucking shot that guy!"
by J-Y October 11, 2007
Derived from the French word for "sacrement", "sacrama" is a French Canadian swear word, mostly used by French speakers in Northern and Eastern Ontario, Quebec, and Acadia. It is often interchangeable with tabarnac and calisse. Saying this to a French speaker outside of Canada would usually cause confusion as to why one would randomly use the word sacement 3 times in the same sentence.
"Sacrama! Jlé dis de m'aller créer ca l'autre jour, le sacrama d'paresseux! -"Fukk! I told him to get it for me the other day, the lazy prick!"
by J-Y October 11, 2007
"She's got a bass"
Pronounced "b" + "ass". Derived from the compounding of the words "back" and "ass".

A "bass" in this sense is the term to say that you can't tell where someone's back ends and ass begins. This can be caused by having a 1) a flat ass, 2) lower back fat that makes it hard to tell where the back stops and the ass begins. 3) both

Antonym: J-Lo booty.
She's a hot girl, but she's got such a bass on her, that i'll probably never take her from behind.
by J-Y December 04, 2007

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