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a basrape is another word for a dumbass, except using the word dumbass is too polite. like if you're a basrape, you're not just a dumbass, you're about 29 times worse and that makes you a scum-sucking, piece-of-monkey shit, sexist, pigheaded, fatass, lowlife, shitforbrains, shit-eating fool, that talks about eating while sleeping-because you're a fatass, who has no friends because your mom doesn't count, kicked off the fucking familytree, broke ass, motherfucker that thinks they "be" the shit... goddamn dumbass. that, my friend, is a basrape.
"that girl is so stupid."
"no, not even that. she's a fucking basrape."
by kimmyalyssa March 30, 2007
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