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name for following South East UK bands from the UFK Dollshouse Collective. Bands include Unlucky Fried Kitten, V2086, Cemetry Gaes, The Bolans and I Am A Spider.
It took a while but basement mania finally spread to London
by Export December 20, 2007
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craze of following UK bands from the legendary dollshouse. Bands include Unlucky Fried kitten, I am A spider, The Bolans, V2086, cemetry gaes, and the now deceased Mickey Apples
Basement mania is growing rapidly amongst indie artists.
by LA2UK December 20, 2007
4 0
craze of following South East England bands from the dollshouse collective..including Unlucky Fried Kitten, The Cemetry Gaes, The Bolans, V2086 and I Am A Spider
It was just a matter of time before London caught the basement mania of the South East
by Export December 06, 2007
4 1
craze of following underground bands in the Dollshouse collective of South East England...including bands Unlucky Fried Kitten, The Cemetry Gaes, The Bolans, I Am A Spider, V2086.
it came as no surprise that London caught onto the Basement Mania
by Export December 06, 2007
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