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One who kills enemy plane campers that dont spawn at the front lines in the game Battlefield 1942 and Desert Combat.

Esp. with a Helicopter or Tank
teamplayer: damn! I pwned taht plane camper! HAHaHAHA!!!!11!!!1

c4mpz0r: OMG TEH H4X!
by Anonymous September 18, 2003
A fucking Queerbate who plays video games to occupy all of the time he spends NOT getting laid.
Fuck you, you fucking gay ass Base Raper!
by your sphincter August 27, 2008
A total noob who runs through a base in tribes 2 who destroys EVERYTHING while using the strongest armor, armed with the strongest weapons. AVOID. If encountered, use anything fast or capable of repeated fire in a short time.
jo: Dude! that base raper just flew through our base!
Q: What was his name?
jo: toughguy123.
Q: what a noob.
toughguy123: j00 h4v3 b33n t3h pwnz0rD!!!
by Qualanx May 13, 2006