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The layer of toilet paper placed floating in the toilet on the water before deification, as to not splash any water on one's butt cheeks
I just threw down my base layer so I'm not soaked after this dump.
by rcp72 April 27, 2009
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when packing a bowl, the packer lays a few small nugs of mystery-nug greens underneath the rest of the bowl.
"hey man, i didnt get to smoke that bowl of mystery-nug."
~"its cool....ill base-layer this next bowl."~
by justin wheeler August 13, 2006
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(Used in public washrooms) The layer of toilet paper placed in the toilet so no one can hear the plop of your poop.
Man, I had to do a double base layer just in case for that one!
by Joey Jojo Shabadoo February 17, 2011
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