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Trick frequently played by Bart Simpson in The Simpsons in which he calls up Moe's Tavern and asks Moe for someone whose name is a double entendre. Bart sneaks it past him by giving Moe the person's alleged surname first. (Funniest example is when he gets Moe to ask for a Hugh Jass ... and someone else takes the phone ...,)
Bart (on phone to Moe's): Hello, I'm looking for someone called Hugginkiss, first name Amanda?
Moe (into tavern): Hey, do we have Amanda Hugginkiss? I'm looking for Amanda Hugginkiss!
(Bart and the customers roll on the floor laughing, while Moe fumes.)

I played a bartymoe on the girl in Larry's Bar, the other day. She was so stupid it actually worked.
by Fearman August 04, 2007

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