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A pre-planned get-together of a group of friends at a bar, usually to celebrate some occasion, such as a birthday.
"Hey, it's my birthday on Thursday so I'm having a barty at Johnny McSwift's."
by Jessie June 18, 2004
Partying with the intent of barfing, puking, or vomiting.
Dude, I going to barty my face off tonight.
by flattrek February 05, 2010
n. party at a bar; can occur any time you invite a bunch of friends to celebrate with you at a bar

v. to invite a bunch of friends to a bar to party
"Hey man, it's my birthday on wednesday. I'm having a barty over at Red's Bar."

"Dude, come barty with us over at Taco Boy."
by nahanelle May 19, 2010
A pre-climb evacuation. Variously; a weight saving strategy, autonomous reaction to fear, obsessive compulsive tick. Aka: rock-plop, scaredy-shat, steamy cairn, mountain-scat
before each climb he disappeared for a quick barty
by mulato December 08, 2008
n: (pl: barties) An awesome Friday-night party at the awesome residence of the one and only Bart. Barties normally consist of a gathering of "the friend group" where ping pong, swimming, movie-watching, eating, the playing of pocket billiards, ramen-making, and arguing with his Dad about various mathematical orders of operation take place. They generally conclude with the making of more ramen, and Smash Bros playing.(Note: Clothing is Optional)

v: -ing -ied
The act of attending a Barty.
n: "I heard Taylor jumped in the pool with all his clothes on at last night's barty."

v: "Hey man, you bartying this Friday?"
by Praveen April 28, 2004
The act of running a pARTY on a Boat -> BARTY
-hey yo, u going to the barty?

-sure I am

-You better get a new suit for it!
by im on a boat mothafucka March 29, 2011
The act of partying extra hard, often ending facedown in a sandpit, or passed out against a wall.
John won't barty because he's got a 10:10 in the loop.

Matt bartied so hard he was passed out against a wall at Ravens.

Aly is all bartied out; she was facedown in the sand at Papas and Beer.
by Cavanator October 14, 2008