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1. The act of the wife gargling her husbands balls.

2. When a super gorgeous man and a woman become partners.

3. The flow of blood to the penis when a man finds 'the one'
1. Hey Burt, you will never guess what Norma did last night.. She only went and bartoncoop'd my bloody balls.

2. You guys guess what!! Even after the controversial naked jenga game and the peanut incident at malcolms gaff last week, me and candice are proper going out with each other. I'm well chuffed.

3. God damn last night was another level.. I met this majorly hot chick, i think shes 'the one'. Why do you think shes the one reggie? Well like i say shes mega hot and I had a serious bartoncoop in my pants all night. I actually had to dip my old boy in some aloe vera when i got in, that bartoncoop really took it out of me man!
by rogermalkovich April 13, 2011
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