A girl you hire as a bartender for your house party but she ends up being a whore.
Brock: Dude, the bartender at your party last night was hot.

But was she a whore?

Rod: Yes, a tremendous whore. She stayed over I destroyed her then I paid her in the morning.

Brock: Bartendwhore. They’re amazing.
by akarod February 28, 2012
Top Definition
bartender thats a total slut
Rod: i hired a hot bartender for my party last night.

Brock: thats cool. love hot bartenders, was she a whore though?

Rod: total slut: i banged her, than still had to pay her the next morning for working the night before...

Brock: total bartendwhore...i hope u wrapped it up..
by akarod February 28, 2012
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