An individual at a bar who is drunk and acting like a fool.
Dude is way drunk & acting the fool. What a bar tard.
by themiss2001 February 25, 2011
Top Definition
when somebody becomes impaired (retarded) from eating too many zanex pills, or another over the counter drug
Chris is an absolute bartard!
by Jon Harding February 08, 2007
Someone who habitually uses Xanax, a antipsychotic perscription drug which interferes with receptors in the brain.
Non-generic Xanax pills are characterized by a linking of four breakable squares in linked a horizantal line, taking on a "bar" like appearance. With key nuertotransmitters blocked off, the behavior of a bartard in question can often be recognized by massive confusion bordering on belligerence. Subject may not be capable of comprehending certain simple concepts, hence the implementation of "tard" as a suffix.
Courteny Love; a large percentage of high school students in Texas and California.

Mike got all quadded out and drove his Prelude off-road on the park running trails to see how far he was jogging a day on his odometer, he's really becoming something of a bartard.
by Nick Beam December 26, 2005
when someone goes to a bar, gets really drunk and ends up acting like a total retard.
Kris is really being a bartard tonight. What's her problem??
by Suprane September 08, 2006
One who acts like a tard at a bar
Jeff got really drunk at phil's on Saturday and started dancing like a bartard
by BartardedOne November 24, 2005
Someone who only ever wants to go to the bar, that is all they can ever think of to do.
John is such a bartard, he's trying to organize another happy hour even though no one came to the last one.
by Ryanonymous November 30, 2006
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