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1. When there is a great situation that occurs when the only thing that describes it is a barry larry.
2. Putting one's balls on another's face.
3. When dirty harry comes over...he takes your stuff. its a barry larry
o man i totally got barry larried
well harry came over and took my stuff and put his balls on my face, so the only way i could describe it was that it was a barry larry
by bonerfestlover4234 December 30, 2007
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The term "Barry larry" is used when someone talks to death about a particular subject, which can go on for some length of time. It often involves the "Barry Larrier" and someone he/she is "Barry larrying" with (one person or even a group). A song can also be sung to express the situation by joining both knuckles together horizontally accompanied by "I like to Barry Larry everything."
by magicbee April 12, 2011
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