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1. When there is a great situation that occurs when the only thing that describes it is a barry larry.
2. Putting one's balls on another's face.
3. When dirty harry comes over...he takes your stuff. its a barry larry
o man i totally got barry larried
well harry came over and took my stuff and put his balls on my face, so the only way i could describe it was that it was a barry larry
by bonerfestlover4234 December 30, 2007
When a bunch of dudes are together at a strip club or a party when they want ass but no chicks. A bunch of guys that get boners together but not because of each other but because of the lack of pussy and the need to hit it.
Dude, last night's party was such a bonerfest. Gay.
by bonerfestlover4234 December 30, 2007
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