partically small town in Camden County New Jersey, home of funny ass white kids with huge dicks. The schools they go to are such a joke. they eventually go to haddon heights high school then fuck your moms brains out. by the way mr.bell is gay
Amanda: Man, his dick is huge!
Dave: Hey...he fucked my mom!
Brian Peppers: yeah and mr.bell is his teacher, he must be from barrington
by Brownie In The Valley April 25, 2011
Top Definition
a small town in rhode island that is also the wealthiest. full of rich kids where the student parking lot is 4 times bigger than the teachers. on the water and every house is at least a half a million. huge party town and has the best school system in the state. similar to laguna beach and east greenwich. recently voted the sixth best town in the United States by CNN/
those barrington kids, they have everyting.
by preppyboy842 September 26, 2005
An upper-class town outside of Chicago, IL where the average cost of a home is 700,000 dollars. A beautiful Northwest suburb with about 20,000 people. You will find plenty of banks and starbucks in the downtown area and plenty of high schoolers driving new BMW's, Range Rovers, or Mercedes.
"Dude you live in Barrington?"
"Dude, you're rich!"
by Matisee May 25, 2007
Small town in Rhode Island. Pretty rich and there's lots of drugs. The "image" is a preppy kid who's really snobby and belongs to the country club. Tan, teeny bikini. It isn't all true though, there are a lot of cool kids in Barrington. the snotty ones are annoying, and give the town a really bad name. The high test scores and at-least-half-a-million-dollar houses don't help much either. Everyones close or on the water, but that's because we're so damn small! There's a hell of a lot of gossip, drama, and Abercrombie, but don't forget Juicy Couture, Coach, Louie Vuitton, Free People, Seven Jeans, and (yes) Hot Topic.
The school system is very rich. They all got new computers, and a basketball court that, when made "wrong," was ripped up and remade. The middle school, to keep up scores, makes everyone stay after if you miss homework. They say you will come if, "your parents love you as much as we do." *gag*
"Why is everyone in the ER giving me bad looks?"
"Oh, they hate everyone from Barrington, say we're all alcoholics in nice cars."
"aren't we?"
by Anonymous Barringtonian January 23, 2008
A very nice town in Rhode Island. Teens here come from wealthy families and are smart, and the poster children for being perfect. People in other areas n RI wish they are like the kids of Barrington. Best town in RI, best schools, best everything. Everything is better in Barrington.
Teen 1: Where do you live in RI?
Teen 2: Barrington
Teen 1: So are you a bunch of wealthy snobs?
Teen 2: No, we are wealthy citizens.
by preppypants March 20, 2010
(Bah-ring-ton)(usually with an aristocratic accent and an accompanying eyeroll) a town in Illinois populated by an abnormally large amount of rich people who lack social skills to realize others don't have the same wealth and priveledges. Many people there gossip and stab you in the back, more than you would typically expect in a high school. 5 suicides have occurred in the past 2 years.
"Since the economy tanked, I can only go to Italy for 1 week this year! Boo hoo!"

"I've never been out of the country before..."

"Oh, I'm sorry, you must not live in Barrington."
by TransplantedAgain August 20, 2009
A small town located in Rhode Island that recently was named one of the top towns to live in the U.S. Friends hang out after school in town and go to starbucks, yogocrazy, crepalicious, dailyscoop or mecici. Every single girl wears items from patagonia, vineyard vines, lilly pulitzer etc.. and owns an iphone. Everyone lives by the beach, sails, and plays golf (and owns their own golf cart)... Barrington also was recently ranked as the richest town in RI (goodbye EG) and has the best school systems. Some wannabe towns include East Greenwich and North Kingstown. They most likely have more money in their pinky than you do...
city kid: Oh you're from Barrington?
barrington kid: yeah
city kid; go f yourself.
by anon dictionary April 04, 2015
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