A small town in south jersey with a population of about 5000 to 8000. Known for kids extremely good at sports and guys that have really big dicks. kids here go to haddon heights high school and are really fast.
Damien: yo is that kid from barrington cause he's really good at sports and really fast too.

Jane: yeah he is. you should see his dick too.
by luke from hood June 20, 2009
A small town in New Jersey in which kids go to Haddon Heights High School. There the kids are known for having good hands(meaning they can catch) and giant penises. Only the best are from Barrington. Also, Barrington is known for having extremely fast white kids.
Matt: Hey look how good Shane is at catching the football.
Jeff: You should see his penis.
Bob: Of course, he's from Barrington.
by Steve Novak March 06, 2006
pronounced Baaarrrrriiinnnnggggtttttooooonnnnnnn, a bunch of rich pricks who are stuck up there own asshole to give a fuck about one another.
barrington people are bitches
by brent im a ho March 30, 2008
we live there. its pretty sweet. there are some pretty gay kids down the street... smoking all the time. our neighbor went to jail for giving kids alcohol... but what can we say... we love the town.
d1: do u want to go to barrington?
d2: barrington is awesome
by 123hottie April 30, 2006
To be underage, drink or smoke way to much then drive and crash. Usually resulting in death.
Joey: You hear that Brian pulled a Barrington last night?

Kelly: Was he drunk or high?

Joey: Both, its Barrington.
by Seamus1124 January 03, 2008
The name comes from a small town next to chicago where they're are pleanty of barringtons.
It means a strait person who only thinks they are gay but really like people of the opposite sex.
Fred says hes gay but i saw him checkin out chicks at the mall, he's such a barrington.
by ddog November 22, 2005

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