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Poor quality, home-grown Marijuana. Tastes like a barn. Often old or moldy.
Throw in some of that crappy barno you grew.

I can't smoke this barno.
#weed #marijuana #pot #home grown #shake
by Uzzle May 04, 2008
the best damn dude in the world
also nown as "DERT"
hey, yo' i be seein' that barnos and dert every damnwhere.
by barnos October 28, 2003
the absolute best guy in the world. possibly greater to some people, than the chritian's god.
damn dog i just am barnos
by barnos October 29, 2003
'a Barno' or 'Barno's' people or persons whom regularly have sexual intercourse with family (insest)
John And Paul are 'Barno's'
by s.h.long October 10, 2003
Barno. AKA John or Paul!
Beware of these individuals as they regularly have sexual intercourse with sheep.
1st person: Isnt that a barno?
2nd person: Where?
1st person: Over there in that field!
by s.h.long December 17, 2003
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