(weed) (bay area slang) purple weed
my nigga u got any barney
by T March 20, 2005
slang for Trouble, b/c it rhymes with Barney Rubble
"we got caught putting koolaid in the pool, so now we're in Barney."
by Ocean's11 June 12, 2003
Some purple dinosaur that we hope soon catches on fire gets saved and then shot three times gets saved and then we just cut the mofo's head off and feed it to the rottweillers outside the studio. Then the kids start cheering and kick cremate the rest of his fucking body!
Barney is on fire! YAY!
by Tommy Vercetti June 01, 2004
the drunkard on the simpsons
barney: hi im barney you may have seen me on such comedy shows as the simposns (burp)
by nosleep42 May 05, 2005
Happened one day in the studio Dancing around in a do-si-do The purple monstrosity was waving his arms We were falling victim to his evil charms
He brushed against a candle and he started to smoke And now we're all laughing at the dinosaur choke Oh boy, Barney's on fire! It's what we've always desired We'll watch the flames get higher Just don't try to put him out Purple fur was flying ashes everywhere And all of the kids just continued to stare The guy inside the suit, he started to yell We probably should've helped him but what the hell
He threw himself violently against the wall He fell to his knees and he tried to crawl away Oh Boy, Barney's on fire!
This is our secret desire We'll help the flames burn brighter But don´t you try to put him out Oh boy, Barney's on fire! This is what we've always desired
Wont you help us fan the flames higher
And you better not try to put him out
Barney's no longer ignited We're feeling somewhat slighted He's laying in a heap on the floor We poked him with a stick cause we had to be sure HE WAS DEAD
"Everyone hates Barney dont they"
"Yea they do thank god hes DEAD"
by IKNOWYOULOVEME April 09, 2004
A disagreement or arguement, typically resulting in physical violence.
When she found out he'd been seeing another woman, him and his missus had a right old barney.
by partridge May 15, 2003
Barney is a purple dinosaur that looks like a distorted and toothless Tyrannusaurus-Rex. In reality though, Barney is a fat man in a purple dinosaur suit.

He is in a TV show that brainwashes little kids into thinking that the world is perfect and that everything can be fixed by singing a simple song that would cause most great musicians to commit suicide or smoke drugs(If they haven't so already)

Barney is also the reason why parents should never leave their kid unattended to watch it. Barney is also the reason why dinosaurs went extinct.

In conclusion, don't watch Barney, Your brain will melt because of it.

Barney is a purple fat-ass
by Cataclypsa June 25, 2007

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