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Used for expressing happiness, shock, or boredom.

Can take the place of the words wow, hello, yeah, or a sigh.
Hello Joey.
by Chris Paladino March 13, 2003
Barloo is the encapsulation of three of the greatest words in the English language:
Radical,Awesome and Cowabunga.

The word came into use shortly after the wildly popular tv show "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles" was canceled.

The word Barloo is rapidly gaining popularity in Johanesburg, South Africa, particularly in the eastern suburbs, where it is frequently screamed from tower blocks.
1)"man that was a barloo trick"
2)"this evening we are going to be given $100 000 000, thats totaly barloo"

3)when a man jumps off a cliff into a body of water he screams "Barlooooo...." on the way down
by Actionspeak May 13, 2009
A word used to express confusion, or question. Often prompting someone for more information.
This is a horrible meal.
The meatloaf is burnt, and the rice is hard.
by Chris Paladino March 13, 2003
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