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Snobby fuck who makes coffee.
That damn barista started yelling at me for ordering my coffee 'to-go'.
by D-Ren May 02, 2006
220 212
Pretentious sounding word used by dejected art history and drama majors that describes their employment in order to make themselves feel better about serving coffee.
-So what have you been up to since you graduated?
- I'm a barista at the Coffee Bean, but only until I get a sitcom.
by KOAMex May 16, 2005
711 238
1) A person trained in the art of preparing and serving espresso.
2) Anyone who prepares and serves coffee products in a coffee shop.
(Italian for "bartender.")
It's essential for a barista working at Starbucks to know the difference between a latte and an espresso.
by Mary October 21, 2003
399 183
A person who works in a coffeeshop. More than likely, a person who puts up with large variables of bull shit from snobby customers throughout his/her work shift.
"Hey, what do you do?"
"I'm a Barista "
"Oh, I'm sorry..."
"Yeah man...It's okay."
by KMill22 October 07, 2008
138 66
anyone who is a part of the BaristaLife family
that guy who made my drink at starbucks def lives the baristalife
by baristalife December 30, 2013
4 3
A hipster that works at Starbucks and serves coffee in uber-cool style that a hipster would.
"I'm afraid of that barista. Too much hipster crap going on."
"Am i wearing my diaper today? I hope so because I have to get some coffee from that barista."
"Hey, when is my hipster coffee going to be ready? May as well go ask that barista."
by SnakeySteve21 November 11, 2012
32 37
A female worker in an espresso bar. Related to baristo (male) and baristi (plural)
The barista steamed the milk to make a perfectly frothy cappucino.
by sabertooth May 15, 2006
115 127