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the ultimate pseudo-superhero; the wimpiest wimp alive; the killer of all things cool; the wiener, the winer, but never the winner; who tends to cling like the stench of barf to your favorite jacket after a swell night out with other young pseudo-cool kids who just can't hold their liqueur down.........;if you know one, you should consider the alternatives to living, since it clearly isnt working for you..
S: and when he held me, i felt i could live through a worldwar, and i still wouldnt be scared
R: he looks like a barfboy, judging by his profile, i'd say he's surely a barfboy
S: well, he has called me 13 times since yesterday
R: as i said, barfboy, try to wash that stench out..............
by godsaveusall November 01, 2010
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