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describing an item that has only the most basic and necessary features to it; strictly functional; utilitarian
I looked into getting an upgrade for my cell phone, told the sales rep I just wanted something bare bones (i.e. a unit strictly for making/receiving telephone calls).

turns out that's impossible these days, since even the most basic phones have cameras and mp3 players as standard features now!
by Bungalow Bill September 10, 2006
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A simple computer that you can buy that usually includes the motherboard, case, a stick of RAM, and a floppy drive. You need to buy other components such as the operating system to make it work.
I bought a barebone system from a local computer store last week.
by Dragonboy June 23, 2005
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A basic computer system, typically features the chassis (housing-case), motherboard, a stick of RAM, and a floppy disk drive.
If your budget is low, a barebone system is usually a good choice to buy, because it only costs half as much as a pre-built system if you buy the rest of the parts at a used computer store.
by AYB August 02, 2003
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1. The name of the parliament created by Oliver Cromwell in the 1600's as a result of monarchy being removed.
2. An extension of the word "bare", meaning lots of, or excessive amounts of.
1.Oliver Cromwell set up the Barebones Parliament.
2. Rob:Hey bro, you got any money you can lend me?
Allen: yeah! i got barebones!
by aaamanion March 29, 2009
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when boning with no condom or no lube
that horse just bareboned that cameron porter
by bonningham January 27, 2010
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