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to do anything, while literally having bare balls. as in, not wearing pants or boxers or anything.
"were going to go bare balls in the hot tub"
by ananine mouse February 17, 2008
West Coast Surfing Slang (Los-Angeles) -

To wear shorts or pants without underwear.

Referring to not covering the male testicles.
Crap! I forgot to bring a extra underwear. I guess I'll have to bear ball it.


I hate bare ballin' it just doesn't feel right.
by Kuerno May 23, 2008
The action of not wearing underwear if they are not available or other reasons.
Guy 1: Whoops I dropped my keys. *Bends over*
Guy 2: Whoa! Your not wearing any underwear bro...
Guy 1: Yea I know, I'm going bareballs.
Guy 2: Eww...
by donutluvermutherfucker February 01, 2013